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About Us

Similing Team

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Our Journey

Creation of our team

In Spring of 2020, Olin's Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) Class created a Rights and Privacy track. This track was created in order to confront the deep inequalities produced by the U.S. criminal justice system  through deliberate applications of technology.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Learning about the space

We spent the majority of the first year (and still do!) learning about what problems exist in the criminal justice space. In recent semesters we decided to focus on mass incarceration and abolitionism. Having a deep understanding of root issues is key to our ability to help our stakeholders.

Image by Patrick Tomasso
Finding our place

As we are learning about key issues in the justice system, we are also thinking about how we can apply our technical (or non-technical) skills to help those leading abolitionist movements. Defining our place is very important because it impacts the parterns we work. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Our Alumni

Athmika Senthilkumar

Olin, FA2019 - SP2020

Gracey Wilson

Olin, FA2019 - SP2020

Anupama (Ana) Krishnan

Olin, FA2019 - SP2020

William Derksen

Olin, SP2020

Allison Hufnagel

Babson, SP2020

Daba Oruwariye 

Babson, SP2020

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