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Why are we passionate about justice?

Tommy is an undergraduate business major at Babson College,

concentrating in technology, entrepreneurship, and design. He is interested in various industries and their interactions with innovative technology. He came into this project knowing very little about mass incarceration, but has since caught up with the rest of the team, and is now serving as its project manager.

Dhara is a third year Electrical and Computer Engineering student who is passionate about using technology in the social good sector. She was inspired to join the team after feeling obligated to leverage her technical skills to analyze and contribute solutions that do good in the world.

Erhardt is an Assistant Professor of Social and Computer Science at Olin College of Engineering. He was inspired and called to action to start this team by mentors Shaka Senghor, Adam Foss, Virginia Eubanks, and others who opened his eyes to more humane, equitable, and honest definitions of justice.

Adam is studying Engineering with Computing at Olin College of Engineering. He joined this team to get first hand experience working within advocacy and progressive movements. He’s eager to keep learning about mass incarceration and democracy in America, and to take part in building just systems in our society.

Elias is undergraduate at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering studying Sustainability and Software Engineering. He is passionate about the interconnectedness and inseparability of technology and justice, and wanted to gain a deeper and further understanding of the injustice grounding the US carceral system.

Julia is studying Engineering with a Concentration in Human-Centered Design at Olin College of Engineering. She is passionate about education, psychology, and connecting with people. She is so compelled by the problem of mass incarceration that she intends to work on this team for 3 semesters. In her free time, you can find Julia obsessing over musical theater and Disney.

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